Model Boat Racing (IOM radio controlled sailboats) 2014

IOC model boat racing

IOM model boat racing

The Foster City Lagoon is a great place for model boat racing (i.e., radio controlled model sailboats).  See a video.  See Leo J Ryan Park map where Central Lake is located.

In fact, conditions are so ideal that the radio controlled IOM (international 1 meter) class sailboat championships are often held right here.   In the past such events have attracted more than 50 contestants from around the United States. The LOA, maximum “Length Over All” of the hull, of these little yachts is 1 meter (39.37 inches) and their mast height is 1.6 meters (63 inches).

Here are some future events:

  • The 2014 Regatta for the (international 1 meter model yachts) IOM National Championships Regatta will be held here.  The dates are May 15-18, 2014.   Race times follow:  Thursday (12-6), Friday (10-6), Saturday (10-6), Sunday (10-4)  See details for rules and event information.
  • In 2015 the IOM International Championships Regatta will also be held in Foster City.  The dates are May 8–16, 2015.  More details will follow when available.

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