Map of Lagoon

The map below shows you several things to do on the Foster City Lagoon in Leo Ryan Park.  Click any item of interest or see our Lagoon Things To Do page for more information.

Foster City is surprisingly close time-wise to the most of the Bay area including San Francisco, Palo Alto, Half Moon Bay and East Bay (e.g., usually less than 30 minutes except during rush hours) .  It is located near the east end of San Mateo Bridge where Highways 101 and 92 intersect.

Foster City Lagoon Map

To go to the Central Lake Lagoon at Leo J Ryan Park (map) we usually get off Hwy 92 at Foster City Blvd heading south. That will save you from hitting a few stoplights.  Or you can head east off Hwy 101 at Hillsdale Blvd.  If you are going to a big special event check parking.

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